If you’re looking at getting security for your business or thinking about upgrading your commercial security camera system, here are the, need to know, basics.

First, What are video surveillance systems?

Video surveillance systems consist of cameras and a monitoring and recording system. There are many different types of surveillance systems. These can range from one camera to multiple cameras, indoor camera to outdoor security cameras, wi-fi security camera to IP cameras, and wireless security to CCTV (closed circuit television) with cloud storage or video recorder backup.

The connection can be via twisted pair, coax, WI-FI, and IP, recorded either locally or off-site.

Alerts are sent to a 24/7 professional monitoring station, police, emergency assistance, or private security. It can also connect to your mobile device for personal monitoring. Video surveillance options have exploded over the past several years, and Chimera Integrations will engineer a system that meets all of your security needs.

How do commercial security surveillance systems differ from home surveillance? 

Although intended for the same general purpose, commercial surveillance requires far more security protocols and safeguards. Your business may require multiple people to have access to the system, and conversely, needs protection to prevent other employees and outside individuals from accessing your network. Commercial video surveillance systems also need the ability to either track, record, or alert, and most often, a combination of all three.

Business surveillance may also require event storage, either remote cloud storage or in-house storage options and weatherproof outdoor equipment. Whereas home security usually does not require such measures. It often includes features that home security would not, like video analytics, night vision, two-way audio, and two-way communication. Features that businesses often use due to business needs, the area of surveillance, and increased security needs. 

Do you need motion detection sensors and audio analytics?

Video surveillance technology is expanding quickly. Motion sensor and motion detection analytics, along with acoustical detection, will, of course, increase your system detection abilities and monitoring. In this case, motion detection and sound detection in a commercial surveillance security camera system are far superior to what we think of for in-home security. CCTV cameras in business and industry have HD video and smart technology builtin. These will not only detect motion but will differentiate between false positives and learn triggers to ignite notifications. The motion detector will even interpret the environment and its surroundings within the camera’s field of view, informing you if someone is interacting with objects in or on the property.

Smart security is on the rise, knowing what equipment and features are best suited for your specific needs can be difficult, it’s best to talk to a professional. Chimera Integrations in Syracuse, NY, will speak directly to you regarding what options would best fit your security needs.

Who gets notifications when your alarm goes off? 

Who gets notified is an essential step in figuring out what security camera systems are best for you. You need to think about: how you are going to use the system, who needs access to the system, and who needs notification in each type of situation that occurs.

For instance, you may want the security guard station notified if an indoor camera has detected a security breach in an access door or a high-definition video outdoor camera detects someone climbing a fence.

Still, you may also want the owner of the company notified if someone not anticipated has arrived. Another time, you may want the police to have access to live video if there is an emergency situation such as an active shooter or immediate threat.

Chimera Integration will walk you through the process to help you decide what systems are best for you. You can have a smartphone notified, a particular number of employees told, a security station informed, the police or EMT’s, or a 24/7 professional monitoring station which will take control of the situation and notify whoever it makes sense to tell depending on the gravity of the situation. Your options are endless, placing the best security solutions in your hands at all times.

How is the camera footage recorded? 

Not only can your surveillance footage be stored and recorded with a digital video recorder, but there are also options for how to record footage and how much storage your industry requires. Recorded video can be held for a few hours or stored for a specified period of time, up to years. Continuous recording is also available with a network video recorder. CCTV Systems can include a rechargeable battery pack or backed up via wi-fi network solutions or hardwired backup. The video clips can be available instantaneously through CCTV or for viewing later through protected access.

As mentioned earlier, video surveillance systems can be recorded locally, remotely, or a combination of both. Today’s video recording requires a tremendous amount of storage. Technology has allowed us to be very creative in helping you maximize your storage investment.

What are the best video surveillance systems?

The best video surveillance systems are the ones that meet or exceed your current security needs and integrate with future technologies. You want a system that maximizes modern technologies are upgrade compatible or future proof, and a provider that continues to think ahead and anticipate future needs. A good provider can anticipate problems based on trends and technology, removing them before they become a real security threat.

A video surveillance system must be user-friendly and designed to meet your security needs. No one system will work for every application, nor is there one system manufacturer that makes a product that fits every need. Choosing the right system integrator that listens to your needs and selects the best manufacturers to create a custom solution is your best option. Chimera Integrations is that company.

What is important about real-time video security? 

Real-time video is instant security access at the push of a button. It is having someone notified for help or protection as the situation starts. High risk security spots like NYC subways security have implemented real-time video. There are so many reasons this is important that the list would be too long for this article.

We explore the top four here.

One, provide notification to whom you choose as the situation begins. Instant information, as it is happening, referred to as real-time, allows someone to attend to the issue at hand in a timely fashion or provides information to get help there quickly.

Second, real-time security allows you not to lose precious minutes in a potential life-saving moment when someone’s health is in jeopardy.

Third, you can be in control from anywhere in the world. Real-time remote access allows you to stay connected even when you are not in the building. You can remotely handle the issue yourself or give remote access to a specified employee. Either way, you are comfortable knowing the problem is taken care of while you are gone.

Fourth, real-time allows better intel for police or emergency professionals in a situation while it is occurring. Real-time information can help the police while a situation unfolds or for a faster and better chance of resolution. It provides details regarding precisely who is still in the building and where and what the current issue is.

How do you select a video security system? 

The first thing to look for is; does your security provider have a license? Are they licensed in the state of NY?

When talking about smart video surveillance for business, we suggest always speaking to a licensed professional. Chimera Integrations is a licensed security solution provider located in Syracuse, NY, servicing Syracuse and most of upstate NY.

Second, and as necessary, is selecting a partner that prides itself in staying ahead, and even influencing future technologies. Some companies offer a box solution, but with today’s challenges, you need a partner that can integrate the best technologies to create the best solution. Chimera Integrations is that partner.